Julian Lovering
Support Engineer

From the Trenches

As a support engineer working with PV Elite, I feel pretty lucky to have a unique perspective that not everyone here at Intergraph might have. I am sort of a "middle man" between the customers and the developers. I can be on the inside of all of the new features that the developers are creating, yet at the same time, I get to engage with the customers who use these products.

Most of my day is spent interacting with the customers - those who actually use the finished product. This is something that the developers don't really get a chance to do. It's great to be able to report to the developers on which features I see the customers using most often, and where they have comments about certain features.

Granted, most of the interactions I have with customers are related to issues they are having. As I work to resolve the issues, I gain a better understanding of who our users are and what they are doing with the software.

With that being said, for the users who do not issue Service Requests, still feel free to drop us a line! Tell us what you like about PV Elite, what are some of your most used features, and what you would like to see added in future releases.

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Service Pack 1 is available for PV Elite 2015. You can download this from Intergraph Smart Support. If you do not have PV Elite 2015, search "Upgrade Request" from Smart Support for instructions on how to upgrade.
What is a feature of PV Elite you think could be most improved?

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Vol.1 | March 2015 | Issue 7
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PV Elite video tutorials are now in production! These will be short online videos that will show some features with which not all users may be familiar. You will be able to check out some quick tips and tricks that will help boost your productivity.

Our first video will showcase 3D PDF reporting, which is an exciting new feature in PV Elite 2015.